GitHub Copilot – A personal Assessment

This blog post is a personal assessment of GitHub Copilot based on a 60-days free trial usage and information I gathered from different sources. Let's start with a short introduction. What IT IS GitHub Copilot got announced as Your AI pair programmer. It's an artificial intelligence (AI) based service that supports developers in writing code... Continue Reading →

[NoBrainer] Define Azure Key Vault with embedded Access Policy in Terraform

azurerm (Azure resource manager) provider for terraform allows definition of Key Vault access policies either within the azurerm_key_vault resource via the access_policy block or by using the azurerm_key_vault_access_policy resource (using both methods for access policy management leads to conflicts). The advantage of defining Key Vault access policies within the azurerm_key_vault resource over defining azurerm_key_vault_access_policy resource(s)... Continue Reading →

The ultimate Gmail trick

Recently, a colleague at work told me a great Gmail trick that I'd like to share here. You can add a + sign at the end of the local part of your email address followed by an arbitrary combination of words and/or numbers. Example: Emails sent to such variants of your Gmail address will... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Graph REST API pitfall $expand

Last week I fell into a Graph REST API pitfall. In a customer project we implemented an interface that abstracts the interaction with Azure Active Directory (AAD). It defines a method that loads all users of a specific AAD group. The implementation of this interface interacts with Microsoft Graph REST API using GraphServiceClient. The code... Continue Reading →

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