[HOWTO] Fix “Cannot find module …” error after yarn upgrade-interactive

Last week I upgraded the dependencies of a ReactJS project by using yarn upgrade-interactive (yarn version: 3.2.1).
After the upgrade I faced the following error in multiple files:

Cannot find module ...

Since the error message did not directly indicate the cause of the error, I had to do some research, which led me to the following result.

To fix the error(s), I executed the statements below in Visual Studio Code terminal of the corresponding project:

# remove the shared cache files
yarn cache clean

# install packages
yarn install

yarn dlx @yarnpkg/sdks vscode

# set yarn to newest version (3.x.x)
yarn set version berry

# !!! delete yarn.lock

# install packages
yarn install


To find dependencies (including transitive dependencies) with known vulnerabilities, execute the following command.

yarn npm audit --recursive

If a vulnerability is found in a transitive dependency, you can update it as described here.

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